Make it Rain!!!

Live the life of the rich and famous, and become the wealthiest of them al

About the game

After the great success Pocket Politics found on both Google Play & the App Store, we've decided to develop again together with Ultrabit and published by Kongregate, another Idle title.

We've been involved in every step of the way, from finding a theme that would resonate with the idle community, to develop different art style proposals and developing the game based on the previous codebase of Pocket Politics. Now, since the game was released, the team keeps up with event cadence, while creating new cool features that keep the game fun for the players at the same time.

In Idle Payday, you play the role of an aspiring business man or woman, where you have to choose between the city or country life to build up your empire. Along the way, you will find support of various influencers, which will help you reach the top and become the wealthiest around.

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