Whack em All

Rediscover a classic with a powerful twist and claim back the earth, one mole at a time!

About the game

Take command! Gather and lead your Crew to take back the territories dominated by Gangs, and take away all the money they have stolen.
It's time to do justice, but you can't do it alone! A good leader knows how to delegate. Hire Goons that will constantly raid opposite Gang's Hideouts to steal their precious Paw Coins, even when you are not playing!
Meanwhile, train hard so you can fight against the Gang Bosses and return the peace to your city!

We hope you enjoy the first version of this idle clicker game, filled with cats. gangs, mafia wars, and street fighters!
Hire goons, ride hideouts, steal coins, and much more!
Choose which cat is better to steal more coins and take back your neighborhood from the mafia gangs
This cats aren't as cute as they seem, the streets make them fighters, killer machines ready to stomp on your block and steal for your grandma!
Just kidding, they just want the streets to be safer!

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